You are a motorcycle workshop?
You are a customizer with gasoline in the blood?
You dream about shock-absorbers, pistons and sprockets?
You love your dirty hands, engine oil is your parfume?

If you match one or all of these specifications, DAYTONA JAPAN is interested in getting in touch with you.
For almost 50 years DAYTONA in JAPAN is working in the field of customization as a manufacturer of high quality motorcycle accessories.
DAYTONA is now interested in the european market and as they are far away, they would like to learn about european needs and style.
Regarding this matter, DAYTONA is searching for a friendly, professional partner in communication who is interested in an exchange with a japanese manufacturer.
We are looking for professional workshops (no end customers) with a valid VAT number.
Your advantages:
- You can try our items after consultation
- We might develop any items you desire to have in future
- We can give our items to you, if you help us checking needed information
- You will get our newest product information

Our advantages:
- We can get pictures from you with the rights to use them on our website or social media channels
- We can get your opinions about the existing products or products in development
- We can ask you for an installation on a bike, if we don’t have the bike near us in Japan

If you are interested, contact us via our contact formular.

Following you see some pictures taken by KASPEED using the Velona-W gauge for their custom motorcycle build.
These are some examples of pictures we would like to see as a result of such collaboration

Thank you to KASPEED custom motorcycles!