"NANO-II" digital LCD Speedometer Expand

"NANO-II" digital LCD Speedometer

Daytona Daytona



119,95 € RRP (recommended retail price) incl. 19% VAT

*km/h(0-399km/h) & MPH(0-250MPH) selectable
*Odometer 0-999,999km(mile)
*Dual Trip Meter 0-99,999.9km(mile)
*Max.speed memory & recall
*Selectable display-update-speed (0.16/0.5sec)
*Magnet sensor included
*Ability to connect to OEM speed sensor,
if the vehicle comes with electrical speed sensor.
*White LED display at night
*Small size (40x60x17.5mm)
*Handle clamp (for 7/8" or 1") included
*Power DC10-16V(regular 12V)
*9V with PP3 battery available


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