"VINTAGE" Headlight 5 3/4" Black & Black Expand

"VINTAGE" Headlight 5 3/4" Black & Black RHS

Daytona Daytona



Daytona VINTAGE H4 headlight with ø60mm speedo cut-out.

199,95 € RRP (recommended retail price) incl. 19% VAT


  • 5 3/4 Inch in metal housing
  • Black body - black rim
  • Side mount for the original mounting of multiple bikes or seperate headlight brackets
  • With hole to mount a speedometer or any other instrument with 60 mm Ø (e.g. Daytona Velona)
  • If you don't want to use an instrument, you can use the included black round cover
  • Parking light bulb incl. - H4 bulb not incl. (H4 12V 60/55 W)
  • E-marked

ø Headlight glass: 146 mm
ø Housing: 156 mm
Housing length: 200 mm

If you want to mount a Daytona Velona you need the separate available bracket.

For Right hand side traffics


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